Our Clients



Our client’s brief included a requirement for a web-based application to manage customer’s orders from a variety of devices. This requirement came from a need to keep their business up to date and in line with their competitors. We used Microsoft .Net technology to build an application that would allow our client to streamline their order system and take control of the entire process from start to finish. Our solution was simple to use and easy to integrate into our client’s existing system. The result met their needs and provided more efficient software to improve their business overall.


For one of our retail clients, we designed an ecommerce website to improve their online presence and internet sales. We needed to produce a website that customers could navigate easily while allowing our client full control of order and product management. Using Magento Content Management System and MySQL database, we built a website that enabled our client to implement automation of processes while remaining connected to their customers. Our website design also gave our client the ability to expand their business by catering to more customers via an effective online presence that met their business needs while remaining in line with their brand.


Our client required an application that could calculate the amount of tax to be deducted from their employee’s salaries easily and effectively by simply entering in the value of their income. We built an application that could make these calculations using Java technologies. The application included integrated rates and tax allowances obtained from HMRC to ensure complete accuracy and compliance with the relevant legislation. This, along with a design that was easy to use and understand, meant that our client could rely on the application for exact and precise calculations that they could use on tax returns with confidence.


Our client was looking for a new and effective ecommerce system to introduce to their business that could work with their existing software. We tailored our IT Consultancy Services to provide our client with a solution using a variety of different technologies, including Hybris Management Console, Oracle Database, Java, and Mainframe Order Management System. We provided an open system that allowed integration of various platforms so our client could benefit from maximum usability, with the option to build on the software if future developments were required. The solution enabled our client to fully integrate their existing systems with new software to enhance their ecommerce sales.


Our client required a system to detect and prevent fraudulent activity on their website. We customised our IT Consultancy Services to provide a solution using various technologies, including Mainframe, Microsoft.Net Framework, ASP.Net, Java Script and SQL Server Management Studio. We provided an effective system that was easy to integrate in to our client’s existing software for minimum disruption, but also provided a host of new features to ensure maximum fraud detection. Our client was able to monitor website activity and exercise stringent controls without interfering with the productivity of their business or usability of the site for genuine customers.



Atlassian provides project management software that allows us to maintain maximum control of the work we undertake for each client. The software they provide gives us the ability to track each project in real time, organise tasks collaboratively using Kanban boards, and plan the requirements for each project for maximum workflow.


To deliver a first-class service, we need the best quality equipment available. We use Dell hardware to carry out our work because they are an industry leader that manufactures some of the best IT equipment available on the market. Dell are renowned for their innovative products that are created by some of the best designers and engineers in the industry.


Eclipse provides us with the platforms we use to develop our Java based projects and to test our developments for bugs or anomalies. The platforms provided by Eclipse enable us to develop a range of desktop and web based applications that can be fully customised and extended with the help of an open source collaborative process.


PHP have been an established part of the industry for 20 years, and provide the coding technology we use to develop web-based projects. As a leader in the field of server-side scripting language, they give us the technology to produce flawless coding in the applications we develop for our clients.


Java is part of the Oracle Technology Network, the largest group of developers in the world, and plays a pivotal role in our development of applications for our clients. Java technology provides a platform to enable us to develop fully customised solutions, as well as plug-in technology that allows our developments to be applied to any computer system.


Microsoft.Net is one of the most pivotal applications we use. It allows us to develop our applications as easily as possible, which means less time spent on development, and therefore, less cost to our clients. One of its biggest benefits is that it allows us to create safe code, suitable for every application, which ultimately stops problems with scripted or interpreted environments.